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The iThrive ABA Mission

At iThrive ABA, our mission is to help you to help your child be the best he or she can be. We believe that a diagnosis is not a label but rather a tool to guide us to create a unique and personal plan for your child to succeed at the highest level and attain milestones once thought impossible. We believe that if we work together with the family as a team, your child will thrive. We look forward to joining you in celebrating success.

Our Story

If you would have asked me what ABA was about 10 years ago, I probably would’ve looked at you blankly. I had never heard of anything like that before. That all changed when one of my children went from mischievous toddler to a difficult hard to manage child. In school, his teachers and principals weren’t sure if he would be able to stay in the school and at home we were at our wits end. He was constantly bothering his other siblings and getting into trouble and each day his food jags grew more difficult to predict and he wouldn’t even allow us to give him a kiss. He was constantly getting himself into trouble, without realizing what he had done wrong.
The school social worker recommended that we have him evaluated. After two days of testing by a Neuropsychologist we were told that our son indeed was on the autism spectrum. She told us that our child would never be able to interact normally with other children And would never be able to play on a sports team but that with ABA therapy we could help him manage his day-to-day life.
We started to research and we signed up our son with an ABA agency. My son was getting therapy from various therapists and had a BCBA on his team, however there was no home involvement and my wife and I felt as though we were not a part of the process. We were frustrated and didn’t see results. We almost gave up. We thought that maybe ABA doesn’t work. We gave it one more try…
This time we joined another ABA agency. This new agency actually listened to us and involved us and made sure to have an amazing RBT come to our home and educate us on how to teach our child how to function in a normal society. We had therapists in the school and in our home work with our child and before we knew it within months our child was a different child.
It took time, tears and a lot of hard work but years later we look at our son and we are completely incredulous. He still struggles with executive functioning and he still looks at the world in a very black-and-white fashion, but he has friends, he plays on sports teams and takes music lessons and he is able to sit through class.
We felt that what we experienced was miraculous and we wanted to share that miracle with others. And so I decided that I wanted to start an agency for ABA that cares about each child and helps him or her achieve the greatest potential that they can with the encouragement and support of his or her family.
Welcome to the iThrive family. We hope to help you see your miracle and take pride in your precious child.
-Joseph Sheinfeld
Founder & CEO, iThrive ABA

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy aims to increase positive behaviors and decrease negative behaviors which allows the child to better navigate and understand his/her environment. This in turn allows the child to succeed and thrive.

ABA therapy works for all ages and for many diagnoses, especially autism spectrum disorder. This modality can even work for individuals with two or more simultaneous diagnoses. The effectiveness of ABA therapy is recognized by government agencies including the CDC.

ABA can be adjusted to the unique needs of individuals-no two treatment plans are the same!

Insurance We Work With

ABA therapy is a medically necessary treatment and the ONLY proven treatment specifically for autism. Because of this, most insurance companies do provide coverage. We currently accept private pay clients and the following insurance:

If your insurance is not listed above and you are eager to work with the iThrive ABA team, please contact us and we can explore single case agreement options or becoming contracted with your carrier.

Locations We Serve

iThrive ABA proudly provides ABA therapy in the following Cook County areas:

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